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Jennifer Mauldin

Graphic designer. Web designer.
Cartographer. College instructor.
Typography lover. Technology geek.

Graphic design allows me to combine my desire to be artistic and creative with my love of technology. I thoroughly enjoy crafting aesthetically pleasing, professional products that serve a purpose and communicate effectively—whether it is an enduring logo, a traditional brochure, a cutting edge website or a simply stunning map.

I have been fortunate to work in a creative environment professionally and consistently for over ten years. My experience during this time has included identity development, print and web design, cartography, computer illustration, typography and college-level instruction in graphic communications. I have worked individually as a freelance designer, collaboratively as a technical staff member on a production team and also as a manager of a high-demand mapping, graphics, web and publications department. All of these opportunities—in addition to my educational experiences, have undeniably influenced my successes and strengthened my creative processes.

I view every new project as an opportunity to innovate and expand my technical skill set. I look forward to future advancements in both technology and design and hope to share those experiences with clients and collaborators during upcoming projects.

Feel free to explore my digital portfolio, download my resume, or contact me directly to schedule a consultation.